A downloadable game for Windows

Phil's Adventure is a simple voxel platformer and puzzle game.

This is currently just a demo and more levels will be added soon.

The story/lore behind the game is Phil's ‎mental fight against his evil self "The Red Phil". His adventure is to find answers about "The Red Phil" and how he can eliminate him. However, "The Red Phils" has conquered Phil's mind and trapped his good self in a cage. Who knows what happens next?

Note that this is my first ever project to be published and I'm still new to game developing due to the fact that I taught myself how to do so, also note that this game is made by a random 15 year old teenager that just likes making games (Which is me) and just wants motivation and comments on what I can improve on.

Thanks a lot!

Install instructions

All you need is to extract from the zip folder, and it should give you "Phil's Adventure!". Open the folder and launch the .exe and it's good to go.


Phil's Adventure.zip 22 MB


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I decided to go back and finish what I started! What do I do with the camera?

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If you click the camera on your inventory the compass on the top right of the screen is clickable to change camera angles.

Tip, to make this easier, stand still, jump then move while mid air. That way it's easier to overcome obstacles. I'm planning on doing a speedrun of the game to show how to do some of the levels.

Thank you! Regardless of the difficulty I still enjoyed it! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!

I played and reviewed your game. Ill let the video speak for itself.

I didnt get to do my usual end review. Your game is very challenging and do not take my inability to handle your challenge without eventually getting pissed off say anything about your game.

However the video still holds its points ;).

Great game, look forward to your future work.

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Ahahaha, my friends does call this the "Zero Budget Dark Souls" so... I love your video and it made me chuckle. Thanks my friend.